Wheelers For The Wounded - Texas
Event for Wounded Soldiers and Their Families,
All Soldiers Welcome


We are a group of diversified people who came together through the love of our sport. When approached by the National Organization of Wheelers for the Wounded, we saw the opportunity to give back to those who gave so much.

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We work diligently through out the year to prepare a weekend of Off-Roading, Camping, Music, Great food and FUN! We work with the Base Hospitals to allow their wounded Soldiers to take part in a bus ride to the Park for a weekend get away.

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It takes a lot more than shear desire to make it happen. We could not do this without the help of our sponsors and the Four Wheeling Community. Last year and this year we have the Sponsorship of the City of Marble Falls & Hidden Falls Adventure Park. Last year we had the support of Four Wheel Parts of San Antonio & Austin, Ryland Homes of San Antonio (Ross Benline), Infiniti Marketing (Don Schaefer), McDonald's Valley Hi, and many, many more. This year we have the honor of having the Purple Heart Association Austin Chapter join us.

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WFTW-SA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Why do we do it?
To say THANK YOU to our Wounded Soldiers and their families!

What do we get from it?
Everyone came away last year with a memory, something through the event that stood out and told us this was something that we needed to continue to do.

     Lynn: "Wow, best of memories, there are so many, but most of all spending time and meeting our best of hero's with my family."
"One soldier told me she had brought her daughter for a weekend of fun before she had to ship out to Iraq on the following Monday morning."

     Delta: "A young mother of 4 and her husband had come for the weekend and she apologized for crying, but it was the first time that the family had been anywhere just to have fun. Their outings consisted of trips back and forth to the hospital while her husband went through therapy."

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